How to Liquify in Procreate

Procreate is one of – if not the single – most popular apps designed for digital painting on iOS and/or iPad OS. It’s been around since 2011, which is a lot more than most other painting apps, launched more than four years before the release of the first generation Apple Pencil. The developers – Savage […]

Download Wattpad for Mac

Wattpad is a platform that allows independent and unpublished writers and authors to put their work out in a central hub of sorts, almost creating a form of social media. In Wattpad’s earlier days, many amateur authors flocked to the platform and gained a large following, with quite a few of them making very successful […]

How to Name Files and Stacks in Procreate

Procreate is undeniably the most popular and arguably the best digital art and painting app on iOS and iPadOS. Anyone who uses an iPad for digital art can attest that Procreate is somehow smoother and more natural than almost any other apps filling the same niche. If you stop and think about it, this advantage […]

How to use Procreate Glazed Brushes

Digital art companies – like any other technology or software company – want user loyalty and an inescapable ecosystem in return for their hard work and unceasing development. Quite a few are successful at this perceived walled-garden approach, but none quite reach the fan loyalty and overall industry good-guy standard that Procreate has managed to […]

How to Use Procreate’s Quick Menu for Faster Art

Procreate quickly developed from a pure entertainment drawing application in 2011 to the viral and successful professional digital art media that it is today. This is not just a coincidence, and it’s not all because Procreate is one of the oldest painting apps ever to come out on iOS or for the iPad. Currently celebrating […]

How to Approve iPhone From PC

Apple has long been known for some interesting privacy programs and security features in its devices. They take their users’ security and privacy very seriously, going above and beyond to severely inconvenience legitimate users to prevent sacrificing on security programs. One problem that often arises from these security problems is that Apple assumes everyone has […]

Best 8Bit Music Maker Apps

BEST 8BIT MUSIC MAKER APPS   Are you into music? Do you enjoy 8bit music? Do you compose as well? 8bit music is in trend nowadays because of its exceptional quality. People write their music, convert their favorite songs into 8bit music, etc. using 8bit music maker apps. These apps are the new love of […]

Top 5 Live Weather Wallpaper Apps For Android

Having a decent backdrop on your versatile screen values your day whenever you take a gander at your screen. At any point, did you think of using Weather Wallpapers on your screen? Backdrops with the magnificence of mountains, slopes, mists, trees, seasons and substantially more serenity. Incredibly, you can get more than hundreds of wallpapers […]

Top 8 Electronic Art Games for Android in 2021

The Electronic Arts games for android devices are available with the best realistic and reasonable sound quality with high definition graphics. Electronic Arts games are astonishing to play on PC, like video games. Are you eager to know the Top 8 Electronic Art Games for Android? Check it out here! The Electronic Arts Games for […]

Download Viva Video App for PC (Windows and Mac)

Viva Video is the most trending video editing app between the youths. Now-a-days people are suckers for video editing apps as social media is asking for great content daily. This is a free app. It makes your video more fun and interesting and exciting. You can edit your photos and videos just according to your […]