Who doesn’t miss the good times?

Old pals, Mom’s spaghetti, juice boxes, video games from dusk till dawn, and friendly brawls over whose turn it was on the console. This nostalgia trip revolves in its entirety around arguably the very first console of every late 20s teen today, the Nintendo DS. The joy and excitement from Mario kart, Pokémon sword, and shield, super Mario 3D has faded since the discontinuance of the console in 2013. But what if we say you can still get the retro feels, with the convenience of the latest OS on the charts, like right now? Yes. It is possible through what we call Emulators. Nintendo DS emulators for PCs are still in the scene if the new ps5and Xbox series x does not fascinate you. Here we are, with the top 5 Nintendo DS emulators you definitely should try in 2021.

A quick look at the system requirements would not take long, so here they are:

Best Nintendo DS Emulators For PC

DESmuME Emulator

DESmuME is the hottest Nintendo DS emulator for PC available on the web. It can run almost every Nintendo DS game flawlessly. The last updated version was released on its official website, the link of which is shared below.


It is available for Windows and MAC OS.



Download the DESmuME emulator from http://desmume.org/download/


Melon DS Emulator

As good as and We say even better than the previous one, MelonDs is a ridiculously popular Nintendo DS emulator. It gained its spot as one of the best Nintendo DS emulators with its fast and accurate DS emulation. The 2D and 3D rendering with this emulator is top-notch. It is one of its class, where you can now avail the Wi-Fi connectivity feature to play in multiplayer mode with your friends and family. Just download, Extract, Install, Find your favourite Nintendo ROMs and enjoy!





Download the Melon DS emulator from http://melonds.kuribo64.net/downloads.php

No$Ba DS emulator

Next in line on the Best Nintendo DS emulators for PCs list is the No$Ba DS emulator. It supports Nintendo ROMS and Nintendo Homebrew, which allows you to play all Nintendo and Gameboy advance games. This gives the console feels and even better with the Multiple Nintendo ROMs loading support.




This is the safe download link https://www.nogba.com/no$gba-download.htm

Retroarch Emulator

The Retroarch emulator is a personal favourite of many players, and it is not just for the Nintendo DS. But, it also supports other retro consoles, Including Atari, MAME, 64, MES, SNES, DS, DSi, 3DS, and a few more, which is why it’s called an all in one emulator. The features stated below gained this emulator a spot on our Best Nintendo Emulators for PC list.




It is available for all Operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS).

Download the Retroarch Emulator from https://www.retroarch.com/index.php?page=platforms.

GoodNotes for Windows | Download GoodNotes App for Windows 7, 8, 10

NeonDS Emulator

NeonDS is another one of the Best Nintendo DS emulators which supports all Nintendo DS games. However, unfortunately, the official website is not active anymore. Installation is relatively easy for this as well, and all you need to do is find your favourite Nintendo ROMs, Load them and live the old days all over again.




There is no known official website available at the time, but you can download the NeonDS emulator from https://neonds.en.softonic.com/.

When it is always a better experience and more fun to play with actual consoles, Emulators are tools that help in gaining a similar stimulus and they tend to create a very similar aura around the player. These were our Top emulators for Nintendo Ds. There are plenty others available as well, But these being the most prevalent and popular, Made their way to our TOP 5 Nintendo DS list. While most of them work for Windows OS, You can look up for others that support MacOS and Linux as well. Never compromise with the genuinity of the ROM downloading sites as they serve malwares and Trojans without any hesitation. Beware of them if you do not want your innocent desire to play some old school games into a chronic headache.

Working with emulators is not very complicated if you have made yourself accustomed to the settings and the lag fixing hacks. We have covered the most basic settings in our FAQ section below and have also helped you out with the direct links for the emulators. Rock and Roll you gaming freak and we promise to deliver more of such exciting hacks in the coming times.

Hope we were able to help you out, Stay tuned for more amazing tech content.


Q- Where to download the Nintendo ROMs from?

– To download Nintendo DS ROMs, Use any of the following links:




Pay attention to the links where you are downloading from. Some websites are not genuine and might give you free malware instead. The ROMs always end with an NDS at the end. Download the ROMs and paste them where the files for the emulator are placed.

Q- Can I use Gaming Remotes to play Nintendo Games with an Emulator?

– Yes, As long as the emulator has a USB controller or External Controller support, you can do that.

Q- How to fix game lag while playing on Nintendo ds emulators?

Q- Are emulators legal?

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