✅[FIXED] HyperX Cloud 2 Microphone Not Working Windows 10 Solution

People prefer the work from home mode due to the current pandemic situation. With the convenience, it’s becoming easier to work in peace. Employees need a Computer, Internet Connection, Webcam and a good pair of Headphones. With all these gear, they can peacefully work from home. But, getting anything malfunctioned is very annoying. People will […]

✅How to Fix Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Windows 10 Error

Printing anything has become easier with the help of printers. With one-click printing on Windows 10, you can print anything within a few minutes. You might face some document compatibility issues while printing. But such problems are prevalent. The technical issues are the annoying ones. If you are facing the Print spooler keeps stopping error […]

✅Fix MFC120U.DLL Was Not Found Error | Download MFC120U.DLL Windows 10

Windows is one of the best operating systems, but it is full of the technical issues. Getting the technical issues while using any software program is quite easy in Windows. Facing the immediate technical error while using the software program is quite frustrating. The MFC120U.DLL Was not found is one of the most common error […]

✅[FIXED] WiFi Connected but No Internet Windows 10 Error

Having the internet connection issues are the most annoying. The internet has become the part of the basic human necessity that we should not ignore at all. It is frustrating when you are connected to WiFi but No Internet error appears. That means, you can connect to WiFi but cannot access the internet. The feeling […]

✅How to Fix DRIVE_POWER_STATE_FAILURE Windows 10 Error

The blue screen of death is one of the most irritating Windows errors. The Blue screen of death suddenly appears on the screen, which is very annoying. There are hundreds of reasons behind the sudden appearance of the BSOD. But most common is the Driver Power State Failure. You’ll see the Driver Power State failure […]

✅How to Limit Steam Download Speed? Throttling Steam Downloads

If Steam is consuming a lot of bandwidth for downloading and updating the games, then it’s the time to throttle it down. Steam consumes a big chunk of bandwidth, which causes interruptions in browsing. If you are watching the YouTube videos, it causes them to degrade to lower quality, cause significant browsing speed reduction and […]