Protect your PC using Tor VPN


META DESCRIPTION: Tor VPN protects your privacy & your devices. Today learn how you can safeguard your PC using Tor VPN.


Tor VPN is a great asset for everyone on the internet. It is no less than the other VPN services. The opposite is true, as Tor VPN outshines all the older VPN services.


It is of no surprise that the internet has become an all-encompassing beast in our time. It is true that with the internet came to a lot of nice things, but a lot of leechers & malicious people have also started appearing. These hackers compromise your data & leave you vulnerable to hacking.


Thus having a VPN in these turbulent times is an obvious necessity. And Tor VPN is a great asset for your PC. Downloading Tor VPN will be your best choice. This VPN service will hide your IP addresses from your ISP and remove the restrictions placed on certain websites. 


In this article, you are going to learn how you can protect your PC using Tor VPN on your computer. But we think you should read the introduction before telling you how to download Tor VPN. This is so that you can find for yourself why Tor VPN is the best VPN service.


The Introduction 


Our aim in writing this particular section is to help you familiarise yourself with the features of Tor VPN. This Introduction section will make you understand all about the Tor VPN.

Ever since it was founded Tor VPN has strived to give the best services to its VPN users.


Tor VPN hides your browsing from malicious hackers & snoopers who steal your data. They do it by creating a secure & private network that reroutes the traffic coming from your IP address to a new IP address.


This trick confuses your ISP & the websites you visit, and your location remains private. Tor VPN creates a wall between the internet swarmed with hackers and your computer.


We think that this introduction of Tor VPN for PC is enough. And by now, we hope that your interest has piqued in Tor VPN. Now you must be wondering how to run it on your Windows or Macbook.


Downloading: How to


In this section of the article, we are going to share with you the methods of downloading Tor VPN for PC. There is a lack of VPN software explicitly meant for PC, be it Windows or Mac.


But do not worry, as we are going to slide around this problem & run Tor VPN on your PC. To do this, we will take help from an emulator.


The emulators will allow us to download Tor VPN on our PC, an application meant for Android. There is great competition between the emulators like MEmu, Nox, and many such. 


But in this tutorial, we are going to use the two most popular emulators, MEmu & Bluestacks. These two emulators are cherished by their users & have gained many accolades for their effectiveness.


How to run Tor VPN? [ Bluestacks ]


In this section, you will learn how you can run Tor VPN on a PC with the help of Bluestacks.


You will see an exhaustive list of steps here on how to download Tor VPN using Bluestacks.















Install Tor VPN [ MEmu ]


As great & popular as Bluestacks is in the field of emulating Android applications, the MEmu emulator is as much if not more. MEmu emulator is one of the flagbearers of the emulator applications. The features & stability it offers are unmatched by anyone but Bluestacks.
















Here we will guide you on the working of Tor VPN on your PC.









Tor VPN showcases some really unique & exciting features like:






Parting Words


In the parting words, all we can say is that we have given you the most comprehensive guide on how to download Tor VPN on PC ( Windows & Mac ). We have used two different methods for that. So now go and protect your PC using Tor VPN today.

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