✅7 Best Free Compass Apps for Android Smartphones 2020

The natural magnetic poles of the earth give us a sense of direction. We know the South, North, East, and West. Most of our travel happens due to the direction. We are going in a direction even when we are aimlessly wandering. Well, this is one of the most important parts of our life. AllRead More

✅PFN LIST CORRUPT Blue Screen Windows 10 Error [FIX]

If you ask me what the nightmare is, then I would say PFN LIST CORRUPT Error Windows 10. The Blue Screen of Death errors is the most horrible ones. They pop up without any warning. Such errors ruin your entire unsaved work within one second. Although it is easy to fix the BSOD errors likeRead More

✅InShot for PC | Download InShot Para PC Windows 10, 8.1, and 7

When it comes to the smart video editors for Android, no one can forget the Inshot. This app is one of the best video editors for Android. Without the Inshot, we could not imagine getting the high-end quality edited videos directly from the smartphone. Those who don’t have a budget to get a professional videoRead More

✅Rainmeter Skins for PC | Download Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10, 7 and 8.1

Are you tired of seeing the same desktop every time you boot up? Do you want to have some fun with your load up screen and make it even cooler? There is a genie who grants all these wishes, and you don’t need a magic lamp to summon it. That genie goes by the nameRead More

✅Ibis Paint X Download PC | Download IBIS PAINT X on Windows

When we think of one of the best paint and illustration apps for Windows, we think of the Ibis Paint X. There are a ton of good paint and illustration apps for Android, but there is nothing like the Ibis Paint X Download PC. With the ibis paint X, you can achieve a lot ofRead More

✅Hytale PC Games Download | Install Hytale for PC- Embark On An Adventurous Journey

The waiting is finally over! With the beta sign up of Hytale being active and flocks of tweets teasing the gameplay on Twitter, we can finally expect this game in 2021. Wanna try out the beta version? Continue reading and learn how. With the beta version sign up just being rolled out, we can finallyRead More

✅How to Limit Steam Download Speed? Throttling Steam Downloads

If Steam is consuming a lot of bandwidth for downloading and updating the games, then it’s the time to throttle it down. Steam consumes a big chunk of bandwidth, which causes interruptions in browsing. If you are watching the YouTube videos, it causes them to degrade to lower quality, cause significant browsing speed reduction andRead More

✅5 Best Nintendo DS Emulators For PC – Windows 10 / 7 to Play NDS Games on Computer

Who doesn’t miss the good times? Old pals, Mom’s spaghetti, juice boxes, video games from dusk till dawn, and friendly brawls over whose turn it was on the console. This nostalgia trip revolves in its entirety around arguably the very first console of every late 20s teen today, the Nintendo DS. The joy and excitementRead More

✅Fix MFC120U.DLL Was Not Found Error | Download MFC120U.DLL Windows 10

Windows is one of the best operating systems, but it is full of the technical issues. Getting the technical issues while using any software program is quite easy in Windows. Facing the immediate technical error while using the software program is quite frustrating. The MFC120U.DLL Was not found is one of the most common errorRead More

✅[FIXED] WiFi Connected but No Internet Windows 10 Error

Having the internet connection issues are the most annoying. The internet has become the part of the basic human necessity that we should not ignore at all. It is frustrating when you are connected to WiFi but No Internet error appears. That means, you can connect to WiFi but cannot access the internet. The feelingRead More