✅[FIXED] HyperX Cloud 2 Microphone Not Working Windows 10 Solution

People prefer the work from home mode due to the current pandemic situation. With the convenience, it’s becoming easier to work in peace. Employees need a Computer, Internet Connection, Webcam and a good pair of Headphones. With all these gear, they can peacefully work from home. But, getting anything malfunctioned is very annoying. People willRead More

✅Google Home App for PC Download for Windows 10 [**UPDATED]

Using Google Home app for PC is the best thing you can do. Having the app running on your smartphone and the PC will give you more controls over the home automation process. It is important to have the Google Home app for Windows running on the PC, so you can control all of theRead More

✅Smartnews for PC | Download Smartnews App for Windows 10, 7 and 8.1

Smartnews for PC helps you get the latest news from all around the world. Staying updated with the latest news is very essential for the people. Without knowing what’s happening around, you cannot stay informed. Reading the local news will help you to take informed decisions. With the closed stores, thunderstorms, crimes, good news andRead More

✅Airmail for Windows | Download Airmail App for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7

macOS is one of the best-operating systems in the market when it comes to the features. There are tons of interesting software programs available for the macOS. But as a Windows 10 user, you have limitations on the same. There are many interesting software programs like AirMail 3. The Airmail is nothing but the mostRead More

✅KissCartoons Alternatives | Sites like KissCartoons to Watch Cartoons Online

Watching movies and cartoons online is an expensive affair. You have to pay for the premium subscription or have to watch them for free on YouTube. But to watch cartoons online, that too the latest episodes, you will have to pay for the premium subscription of services. Well, there are a few watch cartoons onlineRead More

✅How to Fix DRIVE_POWER_STATE_FAILURE Windows 10 Error

The blue screen of death is one of the most irritating Windows errors. The Blue screen of death suddenly appears on the screen, which is very annoying. There are hundreds of reasons behind the sudden appearance of the BSOD. But most common is the Driver Power State Failure. You’ll see the Driver Power State failureRead More