Having a decent backdrop on your versatile screen values your day whenever you take a gander at your screen. At any point, did you think of using Weather Wallpapers on your screen? Backdrops with the magnificence of mountains, slopes, mists, trees, seasons and substantially more serenity. Incredibly, you can get more than hundreds of wallpapers at no expense. Want to know the Top 5 Live Weather Wallpaper Apps For Android? Check out this link!


The following are a few applications that provide live climate wallpapers for your android. While some applications furnish you with the best backdrops of nature, others will provide you with accurate live, climatic conditions. To have a calm and peaceful mind, it is advised to download one of the applications and try it. 

List of 5 Best Live Weather Wallpaper Apps: 


True Weather LWP 3.9 10,000+ 11 MB
YoWindow Weather 4.8 10,000,000+ Varies with device
Real weather wallpaper 4.4 1,000,000+ 47 MB
GO Weather Forecast & Widgets 4.8 1,000,000+ 16 MB
Weather XL PRO 4.5 10,000,000 Varies with device 

The Best Live Weather and Season Wallpaper Apps that will blow your mind: 

This section will discuss the best Weather Wallpaper android Apps available for the year 2021. So, let’s briefly discuss it one by one.

True Weather LWP:

True Weather LWP shows the day or the evening information for Android cell phones and tablet gadgets. Like different applications, True Weather LWP naturally changes the backdrop on the device as the climate of the environment you chose changes. Probably the best nature of this live climate application is its full HD quality vivified live backdrop. True Weather LWP shows the current climate in your area and allows you to choose from four distinctive backdrops: summer, spring, winter and fall. This application also gives you definite nightfall and dawn, conjectures of six or ten days, moon stages, and considerably more. 

Top features:

YoWindow Weather:

Like the other live backdrop applications for cell phones, YoWindow Weather shows live scenes of the natural climate where you are staying. Assuming the environment is shady, the backdrop will show mists, and if it is pouring, your gadget will show the downpour. If not convinced with these elements and capacities, the best thing about this application is that you can look forward and discover what the climate will be like for a future day. You can download this application to get all the climate information right away. 


Top features:

Real weather wallpaper:

When you download the Real climate backdrop APK, it naturally sets up the climate backdrop and, at that point, shows detailed data about the backdrop. This application shows the climate for now and tomorrow on the main screen of your Android cell phone. You need to select your city from the application’s dropdown or enter the city’s name in the provided space. You can likewise list the city’s directions. This application lets you learn about data like temperature, breeze speed, dampness, and barometric pressing factor. 

Top features:

GO Weather Forecast & Widgets:

The GO Weather application gives you extraordinary current and future climate information, just as live backdrops and helpful gadgets. You can utilise this application to effectively take a look at the current and future climate data. The GO Weather application additionally gives itemised continuous meteorological forecasts, including ongoing climate status and temperature. Get nitty-gritty climate figures hourly or daily, including climate expectations, high and low temperatures, wind speed, precipitation and significantly more. GO Weather advises Android clients with continuous climate cautions and warnings. You can even impart the current climate information to your companions via online media. 

Top features:

Weather XL PRO:

For the most part, it shows the climate and temperature in the status bar, yet in addition, it gives a live backdrop that changes naturally as the current climate conditions in your place change. Download Weather XL PRO and then you can begin to know the live climate condition right away. Weather XL PRO constantly refreshes the climate; gives you a quick and delightful application; gives nitty-gritty climate gauges including mist, UV file and tempest information; presents high and low chronicled values; gives you satellite information movements and radar maps has a climate warning and considerably more. 

Top features:

Wrapping up the discussion:

People like to frequently change different kinds of wallpapers and phone backgrounds on their mobiles. Some of them set their photos or family photos as wallpapers. You can even set any food or dish photo, beautiful scenery, or landscape; some people keep celebrity photos or photos of their loved ones as permanent wallpaper to keep them close to their hearts. But with weather wallpapers, apart from having the best HD wallpapers on your phone, you will also get useful information. We hope that our article was helpful, and you might have got what you were seeking.  


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