Are you seeking out VPN services for your windows 7/8/10? If yes, keep your worries aside because we can guide you out in this process. Touch VPN for PC plays a crucial role in providing security to the connection. It also helps encrypt the information whenever the user is connected using a VPN app. A virtual private server is provided to all nations by the standards of Touch VPN. It saves the users from the hackers whose intention is to hack the users who are utilizing open Wi-Fi.

Touch VPN for Windows 7/8/10/Mac

Features of Touch VPN:

Many VPNs provide different types of services to the user, but this touch VPN helps provide users with free unlimited bandwidth. In addition, there are no chances of getting your internet speed lowered when you are utilizing this app. 

Requirements of Touch VPN

Download & Install Touch VPN for PC (Windows 7/8/10)

For downloading the touch VPN on your PCS consisting of windows 7/8/10, you can use the tools like Ld player or Bluestack player. These tools can be utilized for free of cost, and they support all the apps that can be used on android.

  1. A) Downloading and installing by utilizing Bluestack player-

1) First of all, the user needs to download the bluestack player by going on their official website

2) After being up with the player’s downloading part, you need to install it by double-clicking on it. For installing it, you can read the procedure mentioned over there, and hence in this way, you can install the emulator.

3) After being up with the installation process, the user has to open the blue stack player. While opening the player, the website will have a bit of load for few seconds, but later on, it will function automatically.

4) For signing in on the blue stack emulator, the user must sign in through their Google account. Then, they need to go to the google play store after completing the sign-in process. 

5) Now, by clicking on the search tab present on the topmost portion, you can type “Touch VPN” over there and search it.

6) Then, later on, doe downloading the app and click on the button to install it.

7) After following all the steps directed above, you can be up with the successful installation of the touch VPN on your device.

  1. B) Installing and downloading by utilizing Ld player-

1) Initially, there is a need for downloading the LD player by visiting the website of

2) Then, the user needs to install the emulator by utilizing the primary method of installing. So due to this, the installation becomes simpler.

3) Once the installation process is completed, the users have to click on the LD player option situated on the desktop, and in this way, they need to open it.

4) Further, you need to search through the google play store already inbuilt in the emulator present.

5) Then, on the PC, the user needs to search for the option of “Touch VPN”  and wait till they get their desired result.

6) In this way, the users can download the VPN for their PC. 

Download touch VPN for Mac

  1. First, users have to download the Geo Nox player by going on their original site, i.e., 
  2. Then after being up with the downloading process, users have to install it successfully. The installation method is the same as that of the other tools; hence installation can be completed by utilizing simple steps.
  3. After being up with installing, the user has to visit the google play store and hence complete the sign-in process over thereby putting the respective passwords and username. 
  4. By clicking on the option of “touch VPN,” the user has to tap on the choice of “Enter.”
  5. Then afterward, the users can choose the result they want and continue with the downloading process.
  6. In this way, the downloading process of VPN can be completed, and hence you can utilize the free service offered over there. 

So by utilizing these processes, you can download the Touch VPN free of cost for your PC having windows 7/8/10 and the MAC devices. 

1) What can be the best choice of VPN for the PC?

There are a lot of many apps which will help you in providing the services related to VPN. But the fact is that most of them are paid. But if you will utilize the touch VPN, you can use it free of cost for your PC device.

2)  Which can be the best choice of free VPNs for the PC device?

Most of the available VPNs are free of cost. But if the users are thinking of using the VPNs of some specific company, they can purchase the premium version of those. 

Wrapping Up

So this was all regarding the installation of free touch VPN and its downloading process on various devices. We expect that we cleared most of your doubts, so if you find this writing insightful, then do like and share our writings.

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